1 Amp - DCC Accessory Booster (SN754410)

  This booster is designed to power stationary DCC decoders that are often used to control switch machines, signals and other off-track accessories.

  The Accessory Booster uses the an SN754410 Quad - Half H-bridge IC. The continous output current rating for this circuit is 1.0 amp. The booster can operate from 12 to 18 volts DC.

  The DCC input signal for the booster can be taken directly from the output of another booster or the 5 volt output signal from a DCC controller.

The Accessory Booster Has:

The Accessory Booster Does Not Have:

DCC Accessory Booster Circuitboard

A printed circuitboard and parts are available for this circuit.

DCC Accessory Booster Circuit Notes

1 Amp - DCC Accessory Booster Schematic

  The following diagram shows the schematic for the circuitboard for the 1 Amp - DCC Accessory Booster.

Power Supplies For The Accessory Booster

  This circuit is designed to make use of surplus - 15 volt, 3 amp laptop power supplies. One supply can power several Accessory Boosters.

  Used laptop power supplies can be can be purchased inexpensively at many computer and electronics recycling facilities. (Have them tested before purchasing.) These supplies are also available through many other sources as well.

Overload Protection

Circuitboard External Connections Diagram

1 Amp - DCC Accessory Booster Circuitboards and Parts Prices

The circuitboard for the DCC Accessory Booster is 2.9 inches long by 1.9 inches wide. The board is commercially made but has not been tinned or silkscreened.

  1. 1 - DCC Booster circuit board only is 11.50 dollars US, plus postage.

    (Aditional circuit boards are 11.00 dollars each.)

  2. 1 - DCC Booster circuitboard and a kit with all parts is 22.00 dollars US each, plus postage.

  3. 1 - Assembled - DCC Booster circuitboard is 22.00 dollars US each, plus postage.

  If you are interested in printed circuit boards please send an email to the following address: rpaisley4@cogeco.ca ( Please give the email a recognizable tittle. )

  Your message will be answered as soon as possible.

Accessory Booster Parts List


1 Amp - DCC Accessory Booster Parts Placement Diagram

Circuitboard Parts Placement Diagram

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27 June, 2016