My MiniDCC© System

  This page shows schematics and diagrams for a MiniDCC© system that was built for my personal use.

  The home page for the MiniDCC© system can be found at the following link. Questions about the operation of the MiniDCC© controller should be sent to the site in the following link.

MiniDCC© system. - A DCC ( Digital Command Control) do-it-yourself project....

My MiniDCC© System Block Diagram

Block Diagram Of My MiniDCC© System.

  A 13.8 Volt / 4 Amp, battery eliminator type of power supply was used as it has all of the desired safety features already built in. The regulated output voltage is a bonus. When compared to building a power supply, this was a economical option and the supply can be used for other purposes when not in layout service.

  The 1N5400 - "Crowbar Diode" protects the system by causing the 4 amp fuse to blow if the power supply is accidentally connected with its polarity reversed.

As Built - Diagrams And Photos For My MiniDCC© System

  The following schematics and photographs show the As-Built version of my MiniDCC© system. These are provided for information only.

As Built Controller Circuit schematic

My MiniDCC© System Schematic Notes

  My MiniDCC© system has had many modifications from the original system. Some of these changes are described in the following notes.