Plastic Water Bottles

  In past years a common editorial rant was the throwing of plastic water bottles in the garbage rather than recycling them. The editorials on this subject now appear to be spent but an even stupider waste goes unheralded.

  While it is indeed a shame that many tons of plastic end up in landfills, an even greater folly is the partially, and sometimes full and unopened, water and beverage containers that are discarded with the bottles.

  These containers and their expensive, trapped, contents are for ever lost to the landfill.

  Would it not seem logical that before a bottle was disposed of, any remaining contents were poured out on the ground to be available for the plants to use?

  If the effect of other sorts of beverages might have on plants is of concern, pour these on some pavement and let the sun evaporate the water and bleach the chemicals.

  Whether the water soaks into the ground or evaporates, it's far better than having it trapped in a bottle and stuck in a landfill for ever.

  Set yourself this task; When you are in a public place, park or even on your own street, look around and see how many water bottles there are thrown in the trash or even lying on the ground. Of the bottles you find, how many still contain some water?

  I think that you will be unpleasantly be surprised.

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08 January, 2021