Model Railroad & Misc. Electronics

Below is a list of pages at this site that have printed circuit boards and parts available.

  A price list with options is on each of the pages.

(X) = Number Of Circuit Boards Sold

Light Sensitive Detectors

8 - Photo-Detector Circuit - Dark Sensor = LEDs On - Circuit boards and parts (331)

8 - Photo-Detector Circuit - Dark Sensor = LEDs Off - Circuit boards and parts (62)

4 - Photo-Detector Circuit - Bipolar Output (LM556) - Circuit boards and parts (35)

Signals Circuits

2011 - Grade Crossing Circuit - Circuit boards and parts (122)

Total Of All Grade Crossing Circuit Board Versions: 2004, 2008 & 2011 = 571

Grade Crossing Bell Ringer Circuit - Circuit boards and parts (29)

3 Light Model Railroad Block Signals Circuit (2012) - Circuit boards and parts (609)

Single Traffic Light Control Circuit - Circuit boards and parts (39)

DCC Circuits

1 Amp - DCC Accessory Booster (SN754410) - Circuit boards and parts (2)

VT-5 - DCC Block Occupancy Detector - Circuit boards (2941)

Switch Machine Drivers

Reversing Loop Stall-Motor Switch Machine Controller - Circuit boards and parts (9)

Fast Acting Circuit Breaker

Fast - Electronic Circuit Breaker (2010) - Circuit boards and parts (28)

Stepper Motor Drivers

Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver (2008) - Circuit boards and parts (98)

Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver (2012) - Circuit boards and parts (136)

Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver (2012) - Circuit boards and parts (92)

EDE1200 - UNIPOLAR Stepper Motor Driver Circuit - Circuit boards and parts (10)


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  Shipping Of Circuits From This Site

  Airmail shipping.

  Unless stated otherwise, Circuit boards and parts from this site will be sent via airmail through the Canadian and US postal systems. Bare Circuit boards are sent via letter airmail as well but the envelope will not be marked as such.

  Airmail typically takes six to ten working days but sometimes longer.

  Tracking Is Not Possible With Airmail.

  'Expedited' shipping through the postal system is also available and can be tracked. If you would like a quote for Expedited packages, please ask.

  UPS shipping.

  Shipping via UPS is available but UPS may charge considerable brokerage fees and import duties which may total more than the product itself. If you would like a quote for UPS shipping, please ask. ( This price will not include any brokerage fees that may be charged by UPS or import duties that may apply. )

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08 February, 2016