Joy Stick controlled - Modernized "Toy" Throttle

  This page is as yet incomplete and will be added to when more information is available. This may include pictures of the joystick that the user of this throttle has built.

  This page presents a new version of the - 'Modernized "Toy" Throttle' circuit that is shown on the 'Various Transistor Throttles' page at this site.

  This version was specifically design to be used by a handicapped person and is controlled by a single axis joy stick that operates microswitches at each end of its arc of travel.

  There are two modes of operation with this design.

  1. In the first mode (S4 - Open, S3B and S6B - Positions 2 to 5) the train will run for a preset period of time and then gradually slow to a stop unless the timer is re-triggered. As long as the operator re-triggers the timer the train will run continuously. The timer can be re-triggered at any time and five run periods can be selected.

  2. In the second mode (S4 - Closed, S3B and S6B - Position 1) the train will run for as long as a direction switch is held closed. If no switches are close for approximately two seconds the train will slow to a stop. Closing a switch will continue the run.

  The throttle has automatic current limiting set at 0.8 amps and can be equipped with direction indicating LED's if desired.

  Due to the nature of the throttles design. - If the direction input is suddenly changed the train will slow to a stop and then accelerate in the opposite direction. This eliminates sudden, violent changes in direction and may be less confusing to the operator.

Joy Stick Controlled - Modernized "Toy" Throttle Mk.2 Circuit

  The function of the various controls are marked on the schematic diagram as well as some of the operation notes.

Sketch of a Possible Joystick Design For The - Modernized "Toy" Throttle Mk.2

Modernized "Toy" Throttle Mk.2 Notes

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