Interesting Track Arrangments

  This page contains images and maps of interesting track arrangments that are taken from google maps.

Texas Time Waster

  The following photo and map link are for a rather complicated switching yard for a company that installs rubber linings inside tank cars as well as GATX car repair facility.

  The facility is West of Plantersville, Texas. The yard is about 3/4s of a mile long over the switch stubs at either end and 1/8ths of a mile wide between the main line tracks.

  The yard appears to be powered by a yellow track mobile parked at the western end of the large shed with the dark roof. There is an interchange with Union Pacific via the upper main track which may be getting new switches.

Texas Time Waster Yard Photo

  Compared with the Time Saver Switching Puzzle this track plan is a nightmare. A full N scale version of the yard would be 25 feet long and 4 feet wide.

Map View Location

Ontario #1

Map View Location

Alberta #1

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A Too Public Crossing (Ontario)

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25 January, 2018