Via Rail Trains Number 1 and 2

  There is a standard 110 volt AC power receptical in each sleeping compartment, if you are taking rechargable electronic appliances also take a 1 or 2 meter long, 2 conductor, extension cord.

  The cord can be used to extend the reach of your AC adapter's cable so that using them in the compartment is more convient as most charging cords are fairly short and the window and beds are quite far from the outlet.

  These appliances can be also more easily recharged other places in the cabin than just in the area nearest the sink, also, the cord will make it easier to plug in more than one charger.

  If you take a tablet type appliance, during recharging, particularly at night, it can be placed in the magazine rack that is next to the sink. This will keep it off of the sink area and off of the floor. As the batteries are likely to get warm during recharging, face the back of the device away from the wall and remove any papers from that slot.

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31 July, 2014