Water For House Plants

  Save the condesned water from your central air conditioning system and use it to water your house plants all year round. During the non airconditioning season used juice jugs are can be used to store the water until it is needed.

  If there is extra water put it on your outdoor plants as well or use it in the washing machine.


 1 - This water is the same as distilled water and therfore it will not leave scale deposits in the roots of potted plants. The plants will last for years and not need to be repotted.

 2 - This water is very expensive due to the electicity required to produce it, letting it just run down the drain seem like terrible waste.

  While there are no nutrients in this water (or rain water) there aren't any in tap water either. If your plants need food, use a suitable stick type fertilizer.

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31 July, 2014