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  An email without a title will likely be deleted.

Message Page

  1.   This web site and the circuitboards sold through it, are done as a hobby. If I take on a problem, it is only because the question interests me.

  2.   If you are asking about printed circuit boards or parts, I will return a message with details as soon as possible.

  3.   Please do not expect a circuitboard to arrive in time if you need it by the end of the week. However UPS shipping can deliver this quickly but the price is high.

  4.   If you are ordering from outside of North America, please let me know so that extra postage that may be needed can be determined.

  5.   I will not send circuitboard patterns. If you want to make a circuitboard, find a freeware or trial version PCB program and design one for yourself. Use the photos and parts placement diagrams on the pages as a layout guide and fill in the traces from there.

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  Rob Paisley

Shipping Of Circuits From This Site

Airmail shipping

  Unless stated otherwise, circuitboards and parts from this site will be sent via airmail through the Canadian and US postal systems. Bare circuitboards are sent via letter airmail as well but the envelope will not be marked as such.

  Airmail typically takes six to ten working days but sometimes longer and tracking is not possible.

  'Expedited' shipping through the postal system is also available and can be tracked. If you would like a quote for Expedited, please ask.

UPS shipping

  Shipping via UPS is available but UPS may charge considerable brokerage and service fees which may total more than the product itself. There may also be customs fees.

  If you would like a quote for UPS shipping, please ask.

  If you have a UPS account the product can be shipped 'collect'.

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Product Warrantee

  Circuits that have printed circuit boards and/or parts available through this site carry no specific warrantee but will correctly perform their stated function.

  Assembled circuits will have been tested before shipment. Proper construction and operation of kits is reliant on the builder and cannot be warranteed by myself.

  If the circuit does not work, please do not send an email asking if there is a problem with the design of the circuit, rest assured that the design is correct. The circuits are fairly simple and have been tested fully before they were offered for sale.

  Otherwise, feel free to ask questions or seek help. If you would like to return a circuit for repairs please let me know and I will send details.

  The kits have been designed to use easy to obtain parts but if you are having trouble finding a particular part, send an email and I will try to find it or a suitable replacement.

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Power Supplies For These Circuits

  Almost none of the circuits on this site have built-in power supplies.For the circuits to operate properly a regulated 12 volt power supply or equivalent will be needed.

Power Supply Recommendations

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01 March, 2011